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Garth Brown, Fellow of the AICNSW and AIC Conveyancer of the Year 2015 with 22 years Conveyancing Consultancy experience.

Through his more than 20 years experience in the Industry Garth Brown is a highly skilled professional able to keep past and potential clients top of mind when it comes to your legal services.

Garth also offers industry specific training and mentoring for Conveyancing or legal students - assisting them develop their Practice and unlock their true potential - helping them to achieve their business goals including moving toward a part time business earning full time income!

Garth also provides consultant and training support for Practices to implement the new paperless technology.  SERVICES AND FEES

EARN CPD POINTS WITH EBOOKS: By purchasing and reading the professional Risk Management Strategies eBook you will qualify to claim 2 CPD points for self education and 1 CPD point for the Step by Step Guide eBook. Attend any Garth Brown Webinar and qualify to claim 1 CPD point.  EARN CPD POINTS WITH WEBINARS

Coaching Services


Law Firm Websites - construction, SEO, essential links & Features
Social Media management - building pages, posting management across all the main channels in Australia
Law Firm Development - what features to include and who to trust for developing your brand
Law Firm newsletters - how to go about, what to include, the length, the timing and suggested platforms
Marketing - expert professional production, website, social, App, Video 'what works and what does not'.
Office Operations/ set up - advice and Software providers – what works best and how not to waste your money.
NSW Conveyancing - guidance to NSW Conveyancing procedures and risk management.
Professional Advise - file by file on Sale and Purchase matters.
Risk Management Strategies - read ebook on how to Identify, Assess and Manage Risks in Conveyancing.
Step by Step Practice Guide - read ebook on how to go about being successful in a Law Practice.



Training Service Fees

Based on telephone and/or web based support; or tailored services as required.

CASUAL - Casual consultancy services per hour
MINIMUM CONSULTATION* - 2 hours paid in advance $540.00
*Inclusions - 1 hour of coaching/mentoring and 1 hour of follow up later in month

MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION** - paid in  advance (minimum 3 months subscription
** Monthly Fee - $395.00 month x 2 hours per month

ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION*** - annual subscription paid in advance
***Annual Fee - $3,500.00 x 10 months per year (December-January not included
***Inclusions - 2 hours per month: 1 hour of coaching/mentoring and 1 hour of follow up later in month

TRADING TERMS - All fees are payable in advance before start of any consulting,

CONTRACT - a simple contract will be sent for signature before the start of any consult and once payment from fee schedule above is made the session will be booked.

ONCE REGISTERED AND PAID - Before each session a list of Questions will be sent to the Client and provision for the Client to ask questions to be covered will be included, the Client to return to Garth Brown prior to commencement.

PHONE BASED CONSULTING - All phone based consulting is conducted via Skype - contact us for Skype address.

PRICE ON APPLICATION - In-person consultation - available on a per visit rate.  CALL GARTH ON 1300 ASK CPC • GO TO SECURE PAYMENT PAGE

Guide and Risk eBooks


Step by Step Guide $150.00 AUD

Written as a General Guide for anyone about to purchase property in NSW from the first step - through the purchase proces. From Garth Brown, Conveyancers of the Year 2015. The book is not intended to replace legal representation in the process - your solicitor or conveyancer understands the potential problems and wil work for you to ensure a smooth settlement.

By purchasing and reading the professional Step by Step Guide eBook you will qualify to claim 1 CPD point for self-education.  More info ...


Risk Management Strategies $275.00 AUD

This eBook is an essential training tool detailing how to 'identify assess manage' the risks in operating a conveyancing practice from Garth Brown, Conveyancer of the Year 2015, AICNSW.

This 165 page eBook is a reference guide for the Conveyancing Practitioner and Conveyancing Student to assist them identify and understand the risks involved in conveyancing, to raise the level of risk awareness in a conveyancing practice and the strategies needed to manage those risks.   More info ...

Webinars, Links and Videos

Earn 1 CPD Point by attending Garth Brown Webinars. For more information, dates and times for Webinars / events OR to view Garth Brown videos please visit the links below ...



Products • Webinars • Links

Garth Brown has created eBook Products and a helpful App as a Guide for Buyers and Sellers assisting them during the process of conveyancing.

Garth has also authored products for the Industry including a Step by Step Guide to Operating a Successful Practice and a Risk Management Strategies eBooks. He has also tailored One-on-one Training Packages to further assist Legal Students and Conveyancers.


Garth regularly presents at Webinars and Events hosted by industry partners:
InfoTrack | Leap | Perfect Portal | Smokeball | others.