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Step by Step Guide

Step by Step Guide to Operating a Successful Conveyancing / Legal Practice - Practitioners eBook by Garth Brown.

A Comprehensive 75 page Guide to Operating a Successful Conveyancing/ Legal Practice for Practitioners or those just starting out in their Conveyancing business, needing to know the steps necessary for an optimal premium Practice from Garth Brown, Conveyancer of the Year 2015, AICNSW.  Contents Overview ...

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Step Guide Contents

• Overview
• Introduction
• Disclaimer
• Garth Brown's Story - How I become a Conveyancer
• Lessons from Window Cleaning Business
• How to operate a Successful Conveyancing Practice - 12 Steps
Step 1. Virtual Office
Step 2. Technology
Step 3. Social Media
Step 4. Marketing
Step 5. Paperless
Step 6. Conveyancing Fees and Costs
Step 7. Memberships and ongoing Education
Step 8. Communicating with your Clients
Step 9. Record Keeping
Step 10. Conveyancing Tips - Purchaser / Vendor
Step 11. Purchaser Risk Management
Step 12. Be Professional
• The Eight Key Points to achieving Success in your Practice
• Helpful Tips
• Failure, Rejection, Success, they didn't give up!
• Consultancy Services - Garth Brown
• About the Author

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Garth Brown's latest book 'Step by Step Guide to Conveyancing / Legal Practice' proves a handy tool for practitioners who want to fly solo for the first time. The book is literally a step-by-step guide on almost every factor a practitioner should consider when opening up their own practice. Overall the book is easy to read, organised and useful. A helpful tool taht serves almost as a check-list for opening a new practice.

An excellent book to help you on the way to a virtual office and paperless practice.

This little gem is less about the traps and more about the positive side of running a good and profitable conveyancing practice. I guess no child ever says "I want to be a conveyancer" and it tends to be something that people fall into, and that can be a happy landing! I've heard a lot about the decline of conveyancing and the commoditization of this type of transactional work but Garth has shown that this profession, while benefitting from all the bells and whistles of technology, nevertheless prospers when conveyancers show their human side. It's the biggest capital decision most of us ever make, and we usually want to do it with a real person. The ebook talks about how practitioners can leverage the use of technology and run a successful and also a personally meaningful practice.


Guide eBook Video

Garth Brown briefly discusses the Step by Step Guide to Operating a Successful Practice. Video excerpt from Bench TV interview.

Garth offers industry training and one-on-one mentoring to Conveyancers, Legal Students and Practitioners in the areas of Operating a successful Conveyancing Practice, Marketing, eConveyancing and managing Conveyancing Risks.

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Qualifies for 1 CPD Point

By purchasing and reading the professional Step by Step Guide eBook you will qualify to claim 1 CPD points for self-education. Attending any webinar conducted by Garth Brown will also qualify you to claim 1 CPD point.

1. NAME OF CPD ACTIVITY: Conveyancing Legal Practice Management of a Business (working on the business) and Avoiding Conveyancing Pitfalls!
2. LEARNING AREA THE ACTIVITY RELATES TO: "How to operate the business of Conveyancing & Conveyancing Solutions to challenging situations."
3. THE ACTIVITY IS RELEVANT TO: Conveyancers How to keep your practice top of mind with past and current clients, Red herrings to deal with in day to day Conveyancing practice, attract new clients to your business, Adopting new Conveyancing Technology and Office set up advice.
4. LEARNING CATERGORY & ASSESSMENT: Conveyancing Practice tips delivery via eBook/s and webinars that specialise on the subject. Assessment is by way of answering questions through webinar/s and questions relating to the learning contents of the eBook/s.
5. CPD POINTS CLAIMABLE: 1 CPD for each hour. Purchasing and reading the professional Step by Step Guide eBook; registering and attending a webinar conducted by Garth Brown.



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Garth Brown has created eBook Products and a helpful App as a Guide for Buyers and Sellers assisting them during the process of conveyancing.

Garth has also authored products for the Industry including a Step by Step Guide to Operating a Successful Practice and a Risk Management Strategies eBooks. He has also tailored One-on-one Training Packages to further assist Legal Students and Conveyancers.


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