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Risk Strategies eBook [3rd Edition]

The recently updated Risk Management 3rd Edition eBook with Addendum will assist you navigate through a maze of 170 Risk.

'The aim of this publication is to raise awareness in a conveyancing practice and the strategies needed to manage risks' - Garth Brown, Conveyancer of the Year 2015, AICNSW.

The 3rd Edition features 236 pages as a reference guide for the Conveyancing Practitioner and Conveyancing Student to assist them identify and understand the risks involved in conveyancing, to raise the level of awareness in a conveyancing practice and the strategies needed to manage risks.

'I have identified over 170 separate risks in a conveyancing transaction, each one needs to be considered to minimise the risk to both the Client and the Practitioner. This Risk Guide includes Case Studies & Technical Practical Tips for running Conveyancing Files - my 25-year journey in Risk Management Strategies' - Garth Brown.

Q. Does the legislation in this eBook apply to NSW only?
A. The leglislation applies to NSW Conveyancing law, however, risks in business are a universal problem and it is the responsibility of every SME to assess the risks in their organisation and set in place procedures to avoid or minimize the impact that could potentially affect their business operations, employees, clients and customers alike.

The strategies to managing risks in this eBook provide an excellent guide in examining the risks in your business and a reference to relevant legislation in the State or Territory you are located in Australia or Worldwide.
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Risk eBook Contents (236 Pages)

• Contents
• Authors Note
• Disclaimer
• Introduction
• Practice Contact Details
• Practice Letter of Engagement
• IT and Cyber Security
• Cyber Insurance
• Game Changer - Fees and Pricing Strategies
• How to Prepare a Quotation / Estimate
• Create a meaningful difference
• Develop a Client Centric Relationship with your Clients

Section 1 – Initial Conveyancing Risk Management Actions Points 1 - 11

Section 2 – Pre-Contract to Exchange of Contracts Points 1 - 62

Section 3 – During Contract Points 1 - 46

Section 4 – End of Contract Points 1 - 28 eSettlement Summary


Extensive information in each Section with case studies, real stories and best practice risk management.




Thank goodness that practitioners like Garth Brown find the time to write and produce excellent materials for those of us in the "trenches, so to speak. Conveyancing is such a minefield and I learn something new each time. Risk Management Strategies for Conveyancing Practitioners is a real gem and is set out in such a way that it's a useful 'desk companion' and easy reference, with potential risks under headings for initial risk management, pre-contract to exchange, during and end of contract. I love the "tips", the references and links to relevant legislation and of course the "stories". There is also a useful summary and checklists at the end. I printed mine to remind me to check for risk so it's always handy. Thank you, Garth.

Over the past 10 years professional negligence claims in the area of conveyancing has increased. Garth Brown, an AIC Conveyancer of the Year and Conveyancing Consultant with 22+ years experience in the industry, has addressed this issue in his new 165 page eBook "Risk Management Strategies for Conveyancing Practitioners". Throughout the book Garth provides insight into how to be 'risk ready'and minimise problems through "identifying, assessing and managing"potential risks. This book is essential reading for every Practitioner working in the field of conveyancing and is set to become a benchmark tool for risk management education. Purchase and download the eBook (qualifies 2CPD point) through Garth's website.

Your seminars via Infotrack are great and that is how I found you and your wealth of knowledge and resources.

[ F A Q ' S ]

Qualifies for 3 CPD Points

By purchasing and reading the professional Risk Management Strategies eBook you will qualify to claim 3 CPD points for self-education. Attending any webinar conducted by Garth Brown will also qualify you to claim 1 CPD point.

1. NAME OF CPD ACTIVITY: Conveyancing Risk Management Strategies and Avoiding Conveyancing Risk Pitfalls!
2. LEARNING AREA THE ACTIVITY RELATES TO: "Risk Management Strategies for Conveyancing & Conveyancing Solutions to challenging situations."
3. THE ACTIVITY IS RELEVANT TO: Conveyancing Risk Management Strategies in day to day Conveyancing practice and adopting new Conveyancing Technology.
4. LEARNING CATERGORY & ASSESSMENT: Risk Management Strategies for Conveyancing subject. Assessment is by way of answering questions through webinar/s and questions relating to the learning contents of the eBook/s.
5. CPD POINTS CLAIMABLE: 1 CPD for each hour. Registering & attending a webinar conducted by Garth Brown (1 CPD). Purchasing and reading the professional Risk Management Strategies eBook takes between 4 - 6 hours of reading (3 CPD Points).


F A Q ' S

Q. Why did I Author this eBook on Risk Management?

Q. Isn't this information already available or taught?

Q. How many Risks are covered in the eBook?

Q. Have the number of risks increased during my 22 year career?

Q. Can Conveyancing fees be increased?

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Garth Brown briefly discusses the Risk Management Strategies eBook. Video excerpt from Bench TV interview.

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