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Step by Step Guide to Operating a Successful Conveyancing / Legal Practice ...

A Comprehensive Guide to Operating a Successful Conveyancing / Legal Practice for Practitioners or those starting out in their Conveyancing business, needing to know the steps necessary for an optimal premium Practice from Garth Brown, Conveyancer of the Year 2015, AICNSW.

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By purchasing and reading the professional Step by Step Guide eBook you will qualify to claim 1 CPD point for self-education. Attending any webinar conducted by Garth Brown will also qualify you to claim 1 CPD point.

1.  NAME OF CPD ACTIVITY: Conveyancing Legal Practice Management of a Business (working on the business) and Avoiding Conveyancing  Pitfalls!
2.  LEARNING AREA THE ACTIVITY RELATES TO: "How to operate the business of Conveyancing & Conveyancing Solutions to challenging situations."
3.  THE ACTIVITY IS RELEVANT TO: Conveyancers How to keep your practice top of mind with past and current clients, Red herrings to deal with in day to day Conveyancing practice, attract new clients to your business, Adopting new Conveyancing Technology and Office set up advice.
4.  LEARNING CATERGORY & ASSESSMENT: Conveyancing Practice tips delivery via eBook/s and webinars that specialise on the subject. Assessment is by way of answering questions through webinar/s and questions relating to the learning contents of the eBook/s.
5.  CPD POINTS CLAIMABLE: 1 CPD for each hour. Purchasing and reading the professional Step by Step Guide eBook; registering and attending a webinar conducted by Garth Brown.


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Dear Garth, your e-book had many helpful hints on how to set up a conveyancing practice. I thought it was very informative. At some stage in the near future I may need your advice. Kind regards.
Helen C – Solicitor Sydney

'There is no other handbook that helps someone set up their conveyancing business. The booklet contains a lot of ideas and useful tips that if implemented give you the best chance of building a successful business without running yourself into the ground and developing yourself to be the best professional you can be.

Read the booklet. Pull it apart and see what works for you and what doesn't. Doing something pro-active is always better that doing nothing.'
Terry Allen – Former President of the NSW Australian Institute of Conveyancers for over 10 years and National AIC President for 3 years, 2017


…"a book all conveyancing practices should have'…
Bradley Wilde, Solicitor, Access Legal


'An excellent book to help you on the way to a virtual office and paperless practice.'
Elizabeth Szabo – Solicitor


'Step by Step guide is a great asset to any conveyancer. The book is not a chore to read, it is written very well and easy to follow.  I found many great ideas and tips from the book which I can put into play in my new Conveyancing business.' 
Amber J


'Most texts on conveyancing espouse the intricacies of this craft and the pitfalls to avoid.  This little gem is less about the traps and more about the positive side of running a good and profitable conveyancing practice.  I guess no child ever says "I want to be a conveyancer" and it tends to be something that people fall into, and that can be a happy landing!  I've heard a lot about the decline of conveyancing and the commoditization of this type of transactional work but Garth has shown that this profession, while benefitting from all the bells and whistles of technology,  nevertheless prospers when conveyancers show their human side.  It's the biggest capital decision most of us ever make, and we usually want to do it with a real person.  The ebook talks about how practitioners can leverage the use of technology and run a successful and also a personally meaningful practice.'
Deborah Culhane, Marshall Dent Lawyers, NSW, 2017

'I found Garth's Gem of a book to be extremely helpful in establishing my new practice. I returned to work primarily in the field of property law after a break of some years. Garth's book was invaluable, his depth of knowledge and breadth of experience cannot be underestimated. His advice provided a steady hand at the wheel during the turbulent embryonic stage of our practice establishment. Garth's advice on the virtues of a virtual office continue to offer assistance and costs savings. I have no hesitation whatsoever in highly recommending Garth's book to any Conveyancing practitioner.'
Carol Taylor, Solicitor TLC Law, Gold Coast, Queensland

'I came across one of Garth's informative webinars during the course of last year. Since then I have also read his eBook, and received regular updates on helpful tips for running a conveyancing practice. I believe each listener is able get something worthwhile out of the content provided, and because of the range of information, there may very well be quite different benefits for different listeners or readers. I would certainly recommend the webinars and eBook to those in the conveyancing field to assist as part of their practice management development.'
Joanne Anderson, Certified Practising Conveyancer, NSW


'When contemplating opening my own conveyancing practice, I came across Garth Brown's Step by Step Guide to Operating a Successful Conveyancing/Legal Practice eBook. Garth's eBook is a comprehensive source of insight into the establishment and operation of a conveyancing practice, which I have found to be invaluable. What I valued most was that Garth sets out everything you need to know and have in place to run a true end-to-end paperless office conducting electronic conveyancing transactions, which is now vital to either put in place or, be left behind. Garth also makes recommendations to associated affiliates and suggests some great marketing and communication ideas, particularly for a start-up practice. Garth's eBook has taught me a lot and it continues to be a valuable resource to my practice.'
Aimee Whitney Solicitor NSW – Whitney Legal, Rouse Hill

CONVEYANCING ONE STEP AT A TIME ' ... The book would be of most benfit to those looking to a career as a conveyancing solicitor or for existing solicitors who wish to commence a conveyancing practice on their own. The book is very easy to read and appears to be intended as a continual reference guide for conveyancers to be, rather than a one-time read ...'
Download full PROCTOR magazine review pdf.

Alistair Tindall – Solicitor with Robinson Locke Litigation Lawyers Queensland, PROCTOR Quarterly Magazine June 2017 – Quarterly Queensland Law Society Journal

'By Garth Brown Step by Step Guide to Operating a Successful Conveyancing / Legal Practice, an eBook, is a comprehensive guide to operating a conveyancing practice. It is particularly valuable for practitioners starting out in conveyancing business. Garth Brown, 2015 Australian Institute of Conveyancers NSW Division conveyancer of the year, covers a range of material about marketing, communications, technology and purchaser risk strategies that are common across the Australian Conveyancing and other Legal Specialty Landscape. The book also provides guidance on issues relating to e-conveyancing, including Veri cation of identity, Australia Post, Door Step veri cations, Sign to Exchange (signing of Contracts digitally), eCOS (electronic Contracts ) PEXA (Property Exchange Australia), to assist practitioners in running a full end-to-end paperless of ce.'
A book review by the "Journal of the Law Society of South Australia"

'Your Practitioners eBook was a pleasure to read - it was succinct, had useful tips on operating a successful Conveyancing Business and was forward-looking ... in that it covered the use of Technology, Social Media and Virtual Offices. In particular the use of eConveyancing, so as to improvise processes and efficiency, as well as transactional accuracy was an eye opener. I also liked your story and your transformation from a Window Cleaning Business to Conveyancer of the Year. Your inspirational quotes on Page 31, surmises your attitude and the reason you are a success. Anyone who diligently follows the 11 Steps and the useful tips outlined in your eBook, is bound for success in this competitive environment, and I look forward to enrolling your Consultancy Services ASAP. Thank you, sincerely.'
Mitul M. - Conveyancing Student in Melbourne undertaking studies at RMIT

Review Posted at Legal Practice Intelligence - 22 March 2016 - by Peter Frankl - 'If you are looking to save big dollars in consulting fees and even bigger dollars in costly business mistakes then invest in Garth Brown's new handbook: Step by Step Guide to Operating a Successful Conveyancing / Legal Practice.' Read full Review
Peter Frankl CEO, Legal Practice Intelligence Journal

Q. Is the eBook only NSW focused and focuses only on Conveyancing?
A. No. The eBook covers a range of material about Marketing, Communications, Technology and Purchaser Risk strategies that are common across the Australian Conveyancing and other Legal Specialty Landscape.

Q.   What innovative topics does the eBook discuss??
a. Verification of identity (VOI) use of Apps,  Australia Post, Door Step verifications', Sign to Exchange (signing of Contracts digitally), eCOS (electronic Contracts ) PEXA (Property Exchange Australia) – full end-to-end paperless office.




More in the eBook Series - Risk Management eBook for Practitioners and Buyers and Sellers Guides to Conveyancing

Garth Brown is a Fellow of the AICNSW and Conveyancer of the Year 2015, AICNSW


Content Guide

• Overview
• Introduction
• Disclaimer
• Garth Brown's Story - How I become a Conveyancer
• Lessons from Window Cleaning Business
• How to operate a Successful Conveyancing Practice - 12 Steps
Step 1. Virtual Office
Step 2. Technology
Step 3. Social Media
Step 4. Marketing
Step 5. Paperless
Step 6. Conveyancing Fees and Costs
Step 7. Memberships and ongoing Education
Step 8. Communicating with your Clients
Step 9. Record Keeping
Step 10. Conveyancing Tips - Purchaser / Vendor
Step 11. Purchaser Risk Management
Step 12. Be Professional
• The Eight Key Points to achieving Success in your Practice
• Helpful Tips
• Failure, Rejection, Success, they didn't give up!
• Consultancy Services - Garth Brown
• About the Author


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