History, Awards, Certificates

• AIC Certified Practicing conveyancer
• AICNSW Conveyancer of the Year 2015
• AICNSW Runner up Conveyancer of the Year 2010 & 2012
• Fellow of the National Australian Institute of Conveyancers

What sparked my passion for Conveyancing?

It is amazing what you can achieve when you put your mind to something and go after it!

My Mother read an article to me in 1995 about a Conveyancer featured in the Sydney Morning Herald after I had completed my Accounting Degree: The article was about a Conveyancer operating her own business and opening up many files a month, being her own boss and enjoying what she did.

Always having an interest in property, renovation and legal terms - I mentally said right away this is the Profession for me. I then set about achieving my goals by funding myself through the Conveyancing Course (with no experience) at Macquarie University, passed all the exams and moved from Orange NSW to Sydney where I was employed by Jenkings Solicitors and Attorneys at Crow’s Nest for the Wondakiah project (300 off the Plan Apartments and 30 Marina Strata Leaseholds) at Wollstonecraft Bay. After 8 months I was appointed to head the Legal Department working with the Developer who was also a Barrister. We both respected, trusted and challenge each other; it was a good working relationship. We worked well as a team!

I was awarded my full Practising license in January 2000.

It was then I decided to open and commence my own Conveyancing Business from January 2001 and moved into a small office at Wollstonecraft.

After a decade of practice I was awarded Conveyancer of the Year 2015 AICNSW and Runner up Conveyancer of the Year 2010 and 2012 and another highlight of my career was reached when conferred the ultimate honour in 2013 as a “Fellow” of the National Australian Institute of Conveyancers.

I love what I do, I enjoy helping, supporting and caring for the small number of clients I individually assist for buying and selling property. Over 90% of our Work is referred work or from previous clients because I have moved from a Conveyancer to a “Trusted Advisor”.

It is amazing what full Trust does with a Client – Conveyancer relationship. I have been blessed to meet so many different people from all walks of life and adapt to their personalities with genuine support, concern and empathy. In a nutshell my work is providing ‘Asset Protection and Stress Management” for the biggest transactions of your Life.

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