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The Path to Success in Conveyancing and Property Law Practice

Review Posted at Legal Practice Intelligence - 22 March 2016 - by Peter Frankl

'If you are looking to save big dollars in consulting fees and even bigger dollars in costly business mistakes then invest in Garth Brown's new handbook: Step by Step Guide to Operating a Successful Conveyancing / Legal Practice.

Garth Brown is a natural at business. After his HSC and a year of working for a local council, he decided to throw himself into business, any business, as long as he was the boss. He started a window cleaning business. It was a roaring success, paying for his degree in Accountancy, a new home and several overseas holidays.

Can you imagine the valuable business lessons you would learn from such an experience? In the guide, he shares his top 24 lessons from that business, such as: "Charge higher than competitors – nothing wrong with this – someone has to be the most expensive! Why not me!"

Garth Brown completed the Macquarie University conveyancing course, which was followed by 20 years in practice, with the last 14 years as a principal of a conveyancing business. In 2015 he was recognised by AICNSW with the award of Conveyancer of the Year.

The handbook outlines his career and business history including pivotal steps such as deciding to share office space with a referral source and then setting up a virtual and mobile conveyancing practice.
Garth Brown sets out 11 steps that he took during his career as a Certified Practising Conveyancer, and which he continues to apply today.

Lawyers and conveyancers have a reputation for being conservative and slow to move with the times. What stands out from these 11 steps is that Garth Brown seems to have tried almost every new marketing idea that has come along. Some have stuck and some have been discarded but he seems to have tried them all.

From his window cleaning days he converted himself to the principle of keeping overheads low and using contractors as much as possible instead of employees. This agile and flexible approach enabled him to experiment broadly in his conveyancing business until he found what worked.

Also covered in the guide's 11 steps are operational matters such as technology and paperless work.

Garth Brown's Step by Step Guide is not a work of a marketing professor or MBA who has never done a conveyance but someone who has spent almost every working day of the last 20 years doing conveyancing. Who better to learn from if you are serious about success in a similar line of work?

From Garth Brown you don't get vague and non-practical advice but the experience of a currently practising conveyancer and ex-window cleaner who will help you clean up in conveyancing business.'

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Garth Brown is a Fellow of the AICNSW and Conveyancer of the Year 2015, AICNSW


Content Guide

• Overview
• Introduction
• Disclaimer
• Garth Brown's Story - How I become a Conveyancer
• Lessons from Window Cleaning Business
• How to operate a Successful Conveyancing Practice - 12 Steps
Step 1. Virtual Office
Step 2. Technology
Step 3. Social Media
Step 4. Marketing
Step 5. Paperless
Step 6. Conveyancing Fees and Costs
Step 7. Memberships and ongoing Education
Step 8. Communicating with your Clients
Step 9. Record Keeping
Step 10. Conveyancing Tips - Purchaser / Vendor
Step 11. Purchaser Risk Management
Step 12. Be Professional
• The Eight Key Points to achieving Success in your Practice
• Helpful Tips
• Failure, Rejection, Success, they didn't give up!
• Consultancy Services - Garth Brown
• About the Author

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