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November 2016 ~ "Should you use a Trust to buy a Property"

What are the benefits. The simple answer is - a Trust can provide Tax benefits ...


October 2016 ~ "Prescribed Documents"

These are documents that must be included in a Contract of Sale ...


September 2016 ~ "Major Strata Law Changes"

Major Strata Law Changes from November 2016 you will need to understand ...


August 2016 ~ "Adverse Possession"

A person or persons who has occupied the Land for the prescribed amount of time, in certain circumstances can prevent the true owner from reclaiming the Land ...


July 2016 ~ "Meth Contamination of Residential Buildings"

A meth lab - or clandestine drug lab - is a place where illegally produce Methamphetamine 'meth' is manufactured ...


June 2016 ~ "Council Section 149 (2) Certificate"

There are two types of Section 149 Planning Certificates ...


May 2016 ~ "Stigmatised properties - Psychologically stigmatised property!"

A property where some tragic or traumatic event has occurred ...


April 2016 ~ "Asbestos – what you need to know!"

Why was Asbestos Used in homes - What are the risks? How would I know if it is in a home?


March 2016 ~ "Dial Before You Dig!"

The Essential First Step - Dial Before You Dig: FREE CALL 1100 •


February 2016 ~ "Mine Subsidence"

Mine Subsidence - What is Mine Subsidence and what areas are most affected?


2015 eNews Key Stories


Conveyancing ~ "What you should know" ~ Part One

Featuring the role of Conveyancers for Buyers and Sellers


Conveyancing ~ "Choosing the Wrong Conveyancer - is this Possible?" ~ Part Two

Problems that can arise Post-Settlement and how not to select a Conveyancer

Conveyancing ~ "Choosing the Right Conveyancer" ~ Part Three

How do you select the right conveyancer? Items that must be considered in the checklist


2015 eNews Key Stories


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