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Garth Brown is an industry speaker / consultant to NAB, InfoTrack, LEAP, Pexa, 'Real Estate Talk with Kevin Turner', Property Update and Legal Practice Intelligence, Lawyers Weekly and CPD Live. Garth also appears at events, conferences, on radio, webinars, websites and blogs. Links are regularly updated on this page.

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Garth Brown, on Lawyers Weekly...

• Success Secrets to a Successful Law Firm

• Virtural Office - How does it work and how can you benefit from one?

• How to use Social Media in a legal practice

• Six Features all Legal Websites should have

• How to develop a Law Firm App


Garth Brown, on Real Estate Talk and Property Update ...

Garth Brown feature stories on 'Real Estate Talk with Kevin Turner'

Garth Brown, Property Expert on


Business Intelligence Article Garth Brown

• What does business success look like in professional services?



InfoTrack Garth brown Webinar: Thursday, Jun 8, 2017 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM AEST
Webinar: Red Herrings to be Aware of in day to day Conveyancing Practice


CPD Live : Expert Garth Brown 
Preview CPD Live video sample - 24 March Webinar on youtube
Garth Brown CPD: The Office of the Future, 24 / 29 March 2017, 10:00am–11:00am

'The success secrets of a successful small law firm'
Garth Brown : Six features all Legal websites should have (on FilePro)

Garth Brown, consultant to PEXA - PEXA Video on Digital Marketing

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Garth Brown
B.Bus, JP, CPC, Fellow AICNSW
Conveyancer of the Year AICNSW 2015
Author/Public Speaker/Consultant

Garth Brown Industry Consultant



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Garth Brown presents ...
'How to Operate a Successful Conveyancing / Legal Practice' in association with InfoTrack

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Garth Brown Member / Speaker for Pexa Electronic Settlement Services


LATEST [PEXA] : Emily talks to Garth about the importance of Digital Marketing.

Videos: YouTube Video LATEST Link  

Garth Brown on 'Real Estate Talk with Kevin Turner'

Garth Brown is one of the Property Experts on

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