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Garth Brown is an industry speaker / consultant to NAB, InfoTrack, LEAP, Pexa, 'Real Estate Talk with Kevin Turner', Property Update and Legal Practice Intelligence, Lawyers Weekly and CPD Live. Garth also appears at events, conferences, on radio, webinars, websites and blogs. Events in association with the above are regularly updated on this page.


InfoTrack Garth brown Webinar: Thursday, Jun 8, 2017 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM AEST
Webinar: Red Herrings to be Aware of in day to day Conveyancing Practice

Business Intelligence Article Garth Brown
• What does business success look like in professional services?

CPD Live : Expert Garth Brown



(Preview video sample - 24 March Webinar on youtube)
Garth Brown CPD: The Office of the Future, 24 / 29 March 2017, 10:00am–11:00am

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• Virtural Office - How does it work and how can you benefit from one?

• Six Features all Legal Websites should have

• Success Secrets to a Successful Law Firm


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Garth Brown feature stories on 'Real Estate Talk with Kevin Turner'

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Author and business mentor for practitioners

Through his more than 20 years experience in the Industry Garth Brown is a highly skilled professional able to keep past and potential clients top of mind when it comes to your legal services.

Garth also offers industry specific training and mentoring for Conveyancing or legal students - assisting them develop their Practice and unlock their true potential - helping them to achieve their business goals including moving toward a part time business earning full time income!

Garth also provides consultant and training support for Practices to implement the new paperless technology.

Call Garth Brown for a confidential discussion – 1300 275 272

Garth has written an enlightening Conveyancing / Legal Practice ebook to assist practitioners build their business in vital Steps. Already a best seller and available for sale / download from this link - 'Step by Step Guide to Operating a Successful Conveyancing / Legal Practice' - $AUD150.00


'... Garth Brown's 76 page e-book is one of those resources that could be the difference between success and failure. The e-book is almost the opposite of a theoretical textbook. It is mostly practical advice based on real experience.' Peter Frankl Legal Intelligence Review.


STEP BY STEP GUIDE TO OPERATING A SUCCESSFUL CONVEYANCING / LEGAL PRACTICE By Garth Brown Step by Step Guide to Operating a Successful Conveyancing / Legal Practice, an eBook, is a comprehensive guide to operating a conveyancing practice. It is particularly valuable for practitioners starting out in conveyancing business. Garth Brown, 2015 Australian Institute of Conveyancers NSW Division conveyancer of the year, covers a range of material about marketing, communications, technology and purchaser risk strategies that are common across the Australian Conveyancing and other Legal Specialty Landscape. The book also provides guidance on issues relating to e-conveyancing, including Veri cation of identity, Australia Post, Door Step veri cations, Sign to Exchange (signing of Contracts digitally), eCOS (electronic Contracts ) PEXA (Property Exchange Australia), to assist practitioners in running a full end-to-end paperless of ce. More info:
A book review by the South Australian Law Association


'Your Practitioners eBook was a pleasure to read - it was succinct, had useful tips on operating a successful Conveyancing Business and was forward-looking ... in that it covered the use of Technology, Social Media and Virtual Offices. In particular the use of eConveyancing, so as to improvise processes and efficiency, as well as transactional accuracy was an eye opener. I also liked your story and your transformation from a Window Cleaning Business to Conveyancer of the Year. Your inspirational quotes on Page 31, surmises your attitude and the reason you are a success. Anyone who diligently follows the 11 Steps and the useful tips outlined in your eBook, is bound for success in this competitive environment, and I look forward to enrolling your Consultancy Services ASAP. Thank you, sincerely.'
Mitul M. 2016

' ... There is no other handbook that helps someone set up their conveyancing business. The booklet contains a lot of ideas and useful tips that if implemented give you the best chance of building a successful business without running yourself into the ground and developing yourself to be the best professional you can be.

Read the booklet. Pull it apart and see what works for you and what doesn't. Doing something pro-active is always better that doing nothing.'
T. Allen, 2017


Garth Brown - AIC Certified Practicing Conveyancer and Justice of the Peace - Fellow of Australian Institute of Conveyancers

Awarded Conveyancer of the Year 2015 AICNSW and Runner-Up Conveyancer of the Year 2010 and 2012

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'How to Operate a Successful Conveyancing / Legal Practice' in association with InfoTrack

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Garth Brown Member / Speaker for Pexa Electronic Settlement Services


LATEST [PEXA] : Emily talks to Garth about the importance of Digital Marketing.

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